Lily Oster PhD | Somatic + IFS Coaching


"I thought I was going to be disabled for the rest of my life when I met Lily. It had been two months since I had been able to use my hands, and I was suffering every day with the worst pain I had felt in my life. After just one session with Lily, I felt an immediate relief, and I was back to full functioning within a month. Lily saved my life and I cannot recommend her enough if you are suffering from unexplained, chronic pain." - Julie

"Lily has changed my human experience on earth. I struggled with chronic pain in my back for 14 years. Tears, needles, ayahuasca, physical therapy, global yoga teachers … and no cure. Then along came Lily and through constant mind-body practice, I have found relief. I will always be grateful to her and her sacred work she does for humanity." - April

"Lily is such a kind and caring soul. I came to her with undiagnosed, crippling pain and weakness in my leg, and a distrust of any alternatives to the standard medical process which had failed me thus far. But Lily patiently and methodically set my worries and skepticism aside with her mindfulness teachings. Not only did she help me eliminate my leg problems, allowing me to walk and run again, but she instilled in me a greater confidence in my body's healing abilities that I will forever cherish." - Ari

"Sessions with Lily have been truly transformative.  Even with minimal appointments she has helped me understand the inner and underlying workings of chronic migraines and a mysterious movement “disorder”. By using her techniques, contemplating her advice, and studying the resources she provided I’ve been able to cut occurrences in more than half, and lessen the severity and duration of my symptoms significantly. Her kindness, warmth, and flexibility keep me looking forward to more sessions and peeling back more layers towards the freedom of true health." - Jenny

"Working with Lily provided conversations and insights unavailable anywhere else. One of her many great gifts is her versatility: she is available for a wide range of modalities of spiritual and somatic practice as well as deep intellectual engagement. She is not afraid to take on whatever ails your spirit and provide you with the tools and support to help you make better sense of things. Lily is wise and kind, open and generous. Truly a source of light in my life." - Bela

"Lily has been an invaluable partner through a challenging phase of life. I got in touch with Lily while experiencing sciatica in my back and leg so intense I couldn't stay on my feet for more than a few fleeting seconds. Despite surgery, multiple visits to doctors and urgent care, MRIs, steroid injections, acupuncture, massage, and painkillers, I was stuck and desperate. Lily's care, compassion, knowledge, and steadiness helped me reshape my relationship with pain and embark on a new phase of recovery, healing, and growth. With her help and holistic focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing, I've come to see my physical improvement as part of a broader process of healing and transformation, and I'm deeply grateful for it." - Sam

"Lily is a pro. Honestly, I hate to think where I would be right now without Lily . . . a pain coach provides essential support when you are having doubts about getting better. Lily is great at listening with empathy as well as honesty. She is always curious and helping me learn more about myself. I know she really gets what I am going through. She calmed me on bad days and inspired me on good days. I could not have been successful on this journey without her." - Story

"Lily Oster has helped me not only to reduce significant pain that has plagued me for years but also to eliminate the mental discomfort associated with that pain. Rewiring the brain as she called it actually came to pass. Deepest thanks, Lily Oster, you are quite the magician." - A.

"My work with Lily Oster was very supportive in learning how to greet my pain symptoms with less fear and anxiety, and more curiosity . . . I have learned to see pain as an important indicator of places I am dampening my true feelings. The more I can be in relationship with the feelings the less pain has to be a signal for me to tend to them. Working with Lily I was able to taper off a medication that was addressing my pain and this process felt like a real success. Also, as an eating disorder therapist, it was so refreshing that Lily's tools and solutions were not about restricting certain foods. I am very grateful for Lily and her soulful approach to healing mind body pain." - Heidi

"My chronic pain has improved a lot. Thank you again, you were absolutely critical and life-changing for unlocking my body and my heart into another level of self love, security, and openness." - Elaine

"I dealt with migraine headaches since I was a child and working with Lily facilitated the healing of this recurrent pain. Lily is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful, and I cannot speak highly enough of her. I am deeply grateful for her and her important work!" - Laura