Lily Oster PhD | Somatic Coaching

Spiritual Counseling

Alongside her work with chronic health conditions, Lily is a spiritual director and scholar of religious studies. Lily comes from a multi-faith and no-faith family of seekers and has long been drawn to the big questions of human experience. With years of training and experience in spiritual care and counseling, Lily offers spiritual companionship to anyone who seeks to enrich and clarify their inner world in order to live with wholeness and connection.

Lily has particular expertise in supporting the spiritual lives of those debilitated by chronic stress and/or chronic physical and mental suffering (though spiritual direction and health coaching are separate offerings unless you'd like to explore a fusion). Lily's work in the field of chronic pain and illness provides a neuroscience-based and trauma-informed complement to many spiritual and religious techniques of transforming mental and emotional patterns. Within any belief system, the events of our lives have the power to illuminate or impede the way to flourishing. Finding practices to transform and heal unhelpful patterns can bring the inner life into balance, strengthening our capacities for peace, joy, inspiration and creativity, care and compassion for self and others, and orientation toward justice and transformation of broken systems.

Spiritual direction sessions with Lily are grounded in connection to nature, contemplative practice, myth and sacred story, imagination and creativity, calls to transformative justice, and the spirituality of healing and mind-body wellness. Lily loves connecting with people on all kinds of spiritual journeys. She serves as a companion to teens and adults who grieve or approach death, who are experiencing inner or outer life upheavals, who are discerning vocation and their place in the family of things, or who simply seek a more meaningful relationship to life, nature, spirit, or the sacred. 

SCHEDULING & PRICING: Hour-long spiritual direction sessions are offered on a sliding scale and are scheduled 1 - 2 times per month as feels appropriate to your need. As with Lily's coaching practice, reparations, occupied land, and financial hardship arrangements are possible. You can follow this link to schedule a brief discernment call, or email if you don't see a time that can work for you. 

You can read more about Lily's approach to spiritual direction at her Spiritual Directors International profile: