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Recover from Chronic Pain

Healing Is Possible

Working with Lily on chronic conditions begins with education on the neuroscience of pain and other chronic ailments. From there, we can undertake the work of retraining the brain out of patterns of over-protection and pain so that physical symptoms can heal. Coaching sessions include techniques for regulating the nervous system, reducing fear associated with symptoms and activities, creating new neural pathways that support wellness, and reclaiming an identity of wholeness. 

Lily works with a variety of practices that start to teach the brain and body a new way of working together without pain. You'll learn skills to retrain patterns of fear and avoidance around pain, practice mindfulness and self-compassion, and bring the nervous system into a state of safety. Lily incorporates trauma-informed safety and resiliency practices, guided imagery and visualization, somatic awareness and gentle movement, expressive writing and therapeutic art, polyvagal resources, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) or parts work for exploring the emotional experiences that are often connected to chronic pain.

Lily has helped clients with migraines, chronic digestive issues like IBS, pelvic pain, back pain and many other kinds of body pain, sciatica and other nerve symptoms, CRPS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, sleep issues, symptoms related to anxiety / stress / chronic mental suffering, and more. Read the Testimonials page to see some of what's possible! And see below for a longer list of conditions that can be helped through nervous system retraining and for some resources for beginning your journey.

COST + SCHEDULING: Hour-long chronic pain recovery and somatic / IFS coaching sessions are $150. There are some lower-fee slots for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ clients or those in financial hardship -- please be in touch to see if I have openings.

To get started, please follow this link to schedule a free inquiry call, or email if you don't see times that can work for you.



Self-assessments and list of conditions that can be helped, Psychophysiologic Disorders Association (scroll down for symptoms and assessment)

How to Determine the Cause of Your Pain (7-minute video)

"The Pain Brain," New York Times series of articles

"Neural Pathways" and chronic pain, Pain Psychology Center (3-minute video)

"Reign of Pain," Dr. Howard Schubiner talk (20-minute video)

"Why Things Hurt," Lorimer Moseley TED Talk (15-minute video)

Psychophysiologic Disorders Association Resources

This Might Hurt Resources


Podcast interview with Lily on chronic pain recovery 

"Dolorology" episode on pain science from Ologies podcast

Like Mind, Like Body podcast

Tell Me About Your Pain podcast

The Cure for Chronic Pain podcast with Nicole Sachs


This Might Hurt, documentary on the work of Dr. Schubiner

All the Rage, documentary on the work of Dr. Sarno


The Way Out, Alan Gordon

Unlearn Your Pain, Dr. Howard Schubiner

The Mind-Body Prescription, Dr. John Sarno

The Body Keeps the Score, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

When the Body Says No, Dr. Gabor Maté

There are many more resources out there! Please feel free to send feedback about what you find helpful as you make your way into the world of mind-body medicine.