Lily Oster | Mind-Body Coaching

Coaching for Chronic Conditions

Recovery Is Possible

Coaching with Lily begins with education on the neuroscience of pain and other chronic ailments. From there, we can undertake the work of retraining the brain out of patterns of over-protection and pain so that physical symptoms can heal. Coaching sessions include techniques for regulating the nervous system, reducing fear associated with symptoms and activities, creating new neural pathways that support wellness, and reclaiming an identity of wholeness. 

Lily works with a variety of practices that have activated healing for herself and others, including cognitive behavioral retraining, fear avoidance retraining, mindfulness and self-compassion practices, guided imagery and visualization, somatic awareness and gentle movement, expressive writing and therapeutic art, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) or parts work.

Lily has helped clients with migraines, chronic digestive issues like IBS, pelvic pain, back pain and many other kinds of body pain, sciatica and other nerve symptoms, CRPS, fibromyalgia, sleep issues, disordered eating issues, symptoms related to chronic mental suffering, and more. See the "Healing Approach & Resources" page for a longer list of conditions that can be helped through nervous system retraining and for some resources for beginning your journey.

SCHEDULING & PRICING: In order to best support this healing process, Lily schedules an initial 90-minute session to provide an introduction to the brain retraining approach, to hear your story and determine how your condition might benefit, and to offer some beginning techniques. This initial session alone can provide a solid foundation for healing. If the fit feels good and you'd like to continue with coaching support, you can opt for a package of 5 or 10 weekly sessions to dedicate the time needed to learn, practice, work through challenges, and change the brain. Those are offered on a sliding scale depending on the number of sessions.

Initial 90-minute session: $120. You can follow this link to schedule either a brief exploratory call or an initial coaching session, or email if you don't see a time that can work for you. 

Reparations, occupied land, and financial hardship arrangements are possible--please be in touch.