Metamorphosis Healing

Chronic Pain Recovery

Metamorphosis Healing offers health coaching for recovery from chronic pain and other chronic conditions. The mind and the body are intimately connected. All pain is real, but neuroscience research continues to show that the brain, not the body, is where we can most effectively intervene in a chronic pain cycle. Pain is an alarm system controlled by the brain; it is possible to learn how to rewire the brain out of chronic alarm so that symptoms can resolve.

Sessions begin with education on the neuroscience of pain and other chronic ailments; together we learn how nervous system hypersensitization and the brain's danger signals gone haywire can lead to chronic symptoms and how such patterns can be reversed. Once we understand the role of the brain and nervous system in chronic physical symptoms, we can undertake the work of retraining the brain out of patterns of over-protection and pain so that physical symptoms can heal.

From there, many practices of nervous system healing and relaxation can support the restoration of wellness. Techniques for installing new patterns and ushering the mind-body toward healing include emotional and somatic awareness, gentle movement, meditation and visualization, breathwork, and many other simple and enjoyable habits of reorienting the brain toward safety and wellbeing. The intention of these sessions is to empower your own healing wisdom and confidence so that you can take active control of your wellness.

Lily has helped clients with migraines, chronic digestive issues like IBS, pelvic pain, back and joint pain, sciatica, CRPS, facial pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and more. See the "Healing Approach" page for a longer list of conditions that can be helped through nervous system retraining.